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Pulverisers and Shears

Rotating Pulverisers

RV hydraulic rotating pulverizers series has been specifically designed for primary and secondary demolition needs. RV hydraulic rotating pulverizers have been manufactured with HARDOX 400 to resist wear and tear and they have a regenerative circuit for a fast opening and closing of the jaw. Hydraulic rotation (360°) gives a precise positioning of the pulverizer in every working condition.

  • Pulverizer in HARDOX 400
  • A reversed cylinder to protect the rod
  • A fast valve
  • Interchangeable blades
  • An innovative interchangeable teeth system.

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Scrap Shears

SH scrap shears have been designed for demolishing iron structures and for cutting structural steels, pipes, tanks, sheets and iron cases. The innovative design and the steels used assure big cutting forces and acceptable weights. they have been entirely built with HARDOX 400 and they have the following characteristics:

  • An innovative system "PRV" (Pressure Relief Valve) to protect the shear from high pressure;
  • A regenerative circuit
  • An hydraulic rotation (360°)
  • A reversed cylinder to protect the rod
  • Interchangeable blades to cut perfectly
  • Interchangeable point to break metal completely
  • A double register for a blade precise alignment also in stressful conditions.

DOWNLOAD PDF Brochure -SH Scrap Shears


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